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7th Balkan Congress of Nuclear Medicine ПДФ Печат

Letter of invitation

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the Association of Nuclear Medicine of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina it is my great pleasure and honor to invite you to the 7th Balkan Congress of Nuclear Medicine that will be held in Sarajevo 9 – 12th May 2018 at hotel Holiday.

The congress will gather a large geographically diverse group of participants from the Balkan countries, countries around and beyond. The focus will be the latest and relevant topics in the field of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.

Other then multimodality imaging we will also go back to basics and bring back conventional nuclear medicine as "An old lady in new clothes".

The main goal of the congress is to present the latest achievements and developments in clinical nuclear medicine, science and technology to physicians, physicists, chemists, technicians, scientists and all the other experts who work in this important field.

We hope to see you there.

Sincerely yours,
President of the Congress
Amela Begić, MD, PhD, Professor

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